Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | July 14, 2009

In the Maserati, Going for a Drive

Full disclosure – I am NOT a car person. I see no need for one if you live in an urban area where public transportation is widely available. Back home, between our T passes, Zipcar membership, generous friends, and rental cars, Expatico and I got along just fine.  Here, the trains have a very extensive network and are freakishly efficient.  Also everything is so damn expensive, a car is most likely not an option.

Not being a car person, I really don’t care much for flashy, expensive vehicles. I think Porsche’s and BMW’s and other expensive automobiles are tacky and a sign of conspicuous consumption. Sort of a “Hey look at me, I have lots of money to waste and I’m spending it on something to show EVERYONE that I can spend my money with abandon.”

But now, I’m in Switzerland and well, things are a bit different here.

For example – in my entire life, I have never seen an actual Maserati – not on a car lot, not on the road.  In short – no where.  I was so oblivious to what a Maserati looked like, I probably could have passed one on the street and see little, if any, difference between it and any other run-of-the mill-luxury car. 

Well, I’ve been in Switzerland for a week and I have seen no less than six! Two at a car dealership I pass on my walk to work every day and four on the street, being driven by actual people (all middle-aged men). The ones on the lot are priced at 140,000 CHF (approx $125,000) for the used one, and 190,000 CHF (approx $170,00) for the brand spankin’ new puppy.


Given the popularity of these vehicles, I did some research and I found out the there are 14 Maserati dealerships in all of Switzerland. There are 7 million residents of this fair country. In the US, there are also 14 Maserati dealerships. ‘Nuff said.



  1. Big surprise I comment on your car post. 🙂

    Maserati is definitely a beauty, but the trend of the uber-hip is small. The Fiat 500 (called the “Cinquecento” in the 50’s and 60’s) is making it’s triumphant return to the world.

  2. i got all excited that this was going to be a post about how you got to drive a maserati on the highway(autobahn? i think that only exists in Germany), where everyone was driving 100mph or more, or let see closer to 180kmph, and you had so much fun driving fast.

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