Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | July 17, 2009

Thank You For Being a Friend

I’m posting out of order, but there’s a good reason for that – two dear friends came to visit this weekend from Grenoble and they sent me pictures they took during their stay!  We had oodles of fun.  We explored Zurich, ate lots of food, went up to Pilatus, and made fondue (more to come of the latter two activities)!  Evidence is all documented below – in pictures!  Expatica In Helvetica gets modern, yo.

Exploring Zurich

We took a train into Zurich from Zug.  Comfort, efficiency and convenience brought us right downtown to the Hauptbahnhof – the main train station in Zurich.  


From there, we did what we do best – eat!  I had heard about a Chinese food kiosk on the edge of the Limmat River called Dim Sum Take Away, so naturally, we had to try it.  It primarily consisted of well-prepared meat dumplings of some sort.  One had curry, another I believe had sausage, and there were two others but they’ve faded away in my memory.  By the look on my face, it’s obviously some quality food. 

591970436_VWkVK-LWe’re eating…and drinking.  Shocking.

From there we traipsed around the city, exploring, taking photos and sharing some quality time together.  We even ate dinner at an Irish pub and made our way to Movenpick for ice cream.  In short, some things never change, even 3,800 miles away from the place we call home.

Here are my photogenic amies in Münzplatz in Kreis 1 (Old Town), Zurich.  Münzplatz means “Coin (or mint) Square.”  I assume that at some point they print money in the area, but i can’t seem to find any information about it.


Mes amis, avec les drapeaux Suisses

The picture below was taken at Lindenhof, which is a park that sits high above Kreis 1 (Old Town). According to Wikipedia, Lindenhof is the historical site of a Roman castle. In the mid-18th century, a third-centry Roman tombstone was discovered at the site, providing evidence of a “Roman era” Zürich. (I guess the Romans used to collect taxes in the area….anyway). The Lindenhof remained a place of civil assembly and in the late 18th century, Zurich citizens swore the oath on the constitution of the Helvetic Republic (Switzerland) at this very spot. Kinda cool, ‘eh?


Summer time, and the living’s easy!

It was really a fun weekend (more to come!), and I’m glad to have had some wonderful friends here to help as I adjusted. Spending my first weekend alone would have been too difficult and I’m not sure I would have done much other than sleep in, read and maybe go to Migros. As you can see from the picture above, I was enjoying my time with them immensely :-).  Can’t wait to do it again soon in Grenoble!



  1. Hey you hot sassy mama! You look good! And why shouldn’t you. There are flags signaling first aid stations EVERYWHERE. Oh wait —

    Passed the Savin Hill T stop today. My blood sugar was low and there were angry men saying angry things about a lady named Aisha sitting across from me. But I still paused and thought of you, and missed you, but am glad you are there with your kittehs.

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