Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | August 6, 2009

All the Fun That We Had

I went to Grenoble this past weekend to visit mes amies.  Instead of writing down every last detail, best to let the pictures do the talking:

We ate a lovely breakfast of bread, jam and nutella

We ate a lovely breakfast of soft-boiled eggs, coffee, bread, jam, and Nutella (both milk chocolate and white chocolate!)

Garlic Grenoble

We strolled through an open-air market and I held myself back from buying 10 kilos of fresh garlic

Fort de la Bastille Grenoble

We hiked up Fort de la Bastille

Fort de la Bastille is an old fort that was used to defend against an attack by the Duchy of Savoy coming over the Chartreuse mountains. The Duchy of Savoy, who’s that?  My cracker jack research team (which consists of me…myself….and I) discovered that was what some of the northern provinces of Italy were called way back when.  These particular provinces were the territories of the House of Savoy and had rule from the 15th – 18th century. 

As a side note – the word Duchy makes me think of the song “Pass the Dutchie” from the band Musical Youth.  “Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side…”. Anyway….

After hiking, resting and cleaning up a bit, we went to El Tapeo in one of the many squares in Grenoble.  We ate smelts, potatoes, charcuterrie, and drank sangria.  The food was lovely, the atmosphere incredible, and the company top-notch.  

Eating Tapas Grenoble

We ate – again.

After dinner, we found our selves pretending we were still in college.

Baby Guiness Grenoble

We went to a place called The London Bar and ordered the world’s smallest Guinness.

Big Guiness Grenoble

And then proceeded to order a proper Guinness.

Big Drink Grenoble

I, of course, didn’t want to be left out of the big-drink consuming fun.

We then took our merry making to Barberousse, or as mes amies call it, The Pirate Bar.  It’s a “shooter bar” with various flavored rums.  We tried the kiwi, grapefruit and lychee, all were quality and went down smoothly.  Unfortunately, the next day, mon amie discovered they may have gone down a bit too smoothly. 


Pirate Bar Fire Grenoble

Not sure what this is, but I doubt they’d ever allow it in the U.S.  We saw at least four groups of people order these flaming drinks.  My first thought “but they’re burning away all the alcohol…”.

Dancing Grenoble

Sign of a good night – being the only one dancing in a crowded bar.

End of Night Grenoble 

Glassy-eyed, end of night photographs.  Yeah, we had us some fun.



  1. Great to see the pics! Hope to see you in Dusseldorf in September.

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