Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | September 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

My boyfriend’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble
Hey now, hey now – my boyfriend’s back

More than my boyfriend, of course, but Expatico has been here for a week visiting. He has to go back and still finalize some immigration baloney, but the time together has been great. I feel a bit bad that I’ve been making him:
– Move furniture
– Clean
– Put together furniture from Ikea
(as an aside – furniture assembly between couples is a true test in the strength of your marriage. If you can assemble an Ikea wardrobe without someone crying, walking out of the room or throwing something at each other, your marriage will surely stand the test of time.)
– Go food shopping with me
– Talk to my landlord when I’m tired of communicating in limited English

In short, it’s been a dream to have Expatico here and his presence has reduced my stress level ten fold. The stress of living here by myself, doing things by myself, and navigating my way BY MYSELF was starting to wear thin. Also, the loneliness was really beginning to get to me. There would be entire weekends where I would not speak to anyone for an extended period of time, and by the time I traipsed into work on Monday, I was going mad. My dear co-workers had to share the brunt of it as I would come in and talk a mile a minute about nothing in particular, just relieved to have someone – ANYONE – to listen to me.

Along with the whole getting settle process, we’ve had us some fun as well:
– Walking around Zurich is always a treat
– A boat ride on the Zurichsee
– Stumbling upon a random street fair in Zurich
– A fun night out with some folks I met in the grocery store
– A day trip to Luzern
– Plenty of sleeping in

Expatico’s permanent arrival should be by the end of October. This is barring any unforseen circumstances, which seems to be de rigueur with the whole immigration process. But, for the sake of keeping everything current and accurate, we’ll just maintain our patience and pray it moves along as swiftly as possible.



  1. I totally agree and sympathize about assembling furniture and it being a marriage test! Glad to hear that Expatico is soon to join on a more permanent basis and hoping you both will feel more settled soon. Taske care and we’ll be crossing various apendages for you both.

  2. If youve ever indulged in watching The Amazing Race, one of the team-challenges that the contestants had to undertake was putting together Ikea furniture. Tensions rose, people broke down… Needless to say, it was good tv.

    But I completely empathize… Assembling Ikea furniture makes me feel so incompetent.

    • It’s the sheer fact there are so many bits that is maddening. I guess it makes me feel better about the assembly, but one wardrobe had a set of 52 screws – this isn’t counting the other sets. And don’t even get me started on the diagrams….

  3. So glad you had a lovely visit, and true about the IKEA furniture litmus test of marriage. I once had it in my brain that I didn’t want any help w/ putting together a dresser I NEEDED TO DO IT BY MYSELF FOR MYSELF. That dresser has at least 4 drawers that do not close properly or at all.

    Fingers crossed for immigration green light!!

    • Only four drawers that don’t close properly? That seems like a reasonable number to me :-).

  4. i too used to hate ikea assembly, but now, i feel like i know the ikea way and find it fun

    awesome that expatico’s permanent move is right around the corner

    • You should hire yourself out being that you’re fluent in IKEA :-). Baby girl can lend a helping hand, too!

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