Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | October 6, 2009

Because Sharing is Caring (and Totally Self Serving)

I wanted to share this pic of me and Expatico on the lawn in front of Castlegrande in Bellinzona, which is in Ticino, the Italian-speaking Canton in Switzerland.


Castlegrande is one of three castles (the other two are Montebello and Sasso Carbaro) in Bellinzona.  It is also one of only a handful of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the whole of Switzerland.   Why would a small town like Bellinzona need three castles?  Good question.  I did some reading on that and I *think* it was different rulers and dukes and such who lived in the area at different times.  We have more pictures to share, so hopefully by the time I post those, I’ll have my facts straight.

The whole point of this post, though, is to show that yes, indeed, Expatico was here for a period of time.  And though it was fleeting, we had a really fun two weeks.  He left yesterday and though I cried and got angry at the situation (which, in turn, resulted in me taking it out on him, natch), I am eagerly anticipating his permanent arrival so we can partake in more adventures!


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