Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | October 28, 2009

The Olympiad du Fromage

Ever been to a cheese festival?   Ever been surrounded by so many different types of cheese you didn’t know where to begin?  And no, the cheese aisle in Shaw’s or the decadent cheese case at Formaggio don’t allow you to answer yes.  This weekend, I experienced a cheese-lovers paradise by attending the 6th Mountain Cheese Olympics in Saignelégier, in the Canton of Jura.  This was serious cheese business.  Cheese mongers from across the globe (well, primarily Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal, with a few offerings from Japan) were there providing samples of their cheese wonders.  I can honestly say I ate more cheese in one day than one human being probably should.  Whatever – it was pretty awesome, especially since one of the highlights was an 8 CHF cheese buffet.  Need I say more?


Copious amounts of cheese, wine and bread = lunch for three



3/4 of the buffet 

In addition to encouraging gluttonous cheese consumption, the Cheese Olympics also had some traditional Swiss folks arts, including horn blowing, big ol’ cowbells and wood carving – with a chain saw.  Not sure if the latter can be considered traditional, but it was entertaining to watch.



Ricola, any one?


That’s one big cow.


Real men don’t wear goggles when working with chain saws and wood. 


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