Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | December 4, 2009

Update on “Screaming from the Minarets”

I couldn’t resist:
From the December 3 episode of the Daily Show
Oliver’s Travels – Switzerland
John Oliver asks Ambassador Peter Maurer about Switzerland’s unshakable neutrality shortly before its vote to ban minarets.

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Oliver’s Travels – Switzerland
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  1. There is a religious poll on the website for Aljazeera’s version of Crossfire, called Itejah al-Muakis (Opposite Directions). The poll is for the upcoming program discussing Switzerland’s recent Minaret Referendum that was supported by 57.5% of Swiss voters.

    The question is: “Do you believe that fearing Muslims who live in the West is justified?”

    So far it’s 29% yes, 71% no out of 1729 respondents.

    To participate, select your response in the top left section of the page:

    نعم = YES
    لا = NO

    Then click on the (شارك) ‘participate’ button.

    When the window pops up, enter the code displayed (in latin script), then click the button to participate (شارك)

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