Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | April 22, 2010

Where you at?

Ok…no excuses. I need to be better at this. I won’t apologize, because that to me infers people are actually waiting with bated breath for an update. Well, since the last post, things have been kinda crazy busy. Here’s a tab of all that’s been happening:

– Visiting Paris with mes amies

Visiting Ireland in the worst weather they’ve seen in a gazillion years (this is paraphrasing my FIL, but it really was awful!), just ask mes amies, who joined us on the adventure

– Stopping in Dublin during visit to Ireland to ring in the New Year

– Visiting London for the first time!

– Visiting Amsterdam for the first time!

– Work trip to Dublin and getting spotted by my BIL at the airport.

– Work trip to Lisbon.

– A much-needed trip west to visit friends and family in Boston and Rhode Island

– Work trip to Toronto (with a return flight on the last plane back into Europe before the continent shut down due to the lesser-known volcanic eruption plague!)

– Skiing for me and snowboarding for Expatico at every possible free moment, cause the mountains are a stones-throw away and we can.

– Expatico securing a job on the other side of the bar.

– Continued dramz with the condo association back home.  Landloring is overrated.

– Joining a cooking group and loving every second of it (I’ve only been once…but still!)

– Stumble upon stumble in our quest to learn a ein bischen Deutsch

– Meeting more and more wonderful people, most of whom are expats from English-speaking countries, solidifying the belief that we do indeed live in an expat bubble

– Getting promoted – whoot!

– Coming to grips with the fact that paying twice as much for anything vs. the US is now our lot in life.

– Accepting that even though this isn’t home, we’re loving every moment of life here in CH.

And I’ve even got pictures to prove it all.  Now mind you, I’m probably missing something, but what can I say, it’s been busy, but in a good way.  My goal is to write five entries in the next two weeks so I can get back on the horse, so to say.  So, stay tuned, I’ll be back sooner than last time – I promise!



  1. Sounds crazy but fun!

  2. Hmm…since Christmas….I’ve watched all of season 1 of “The Wire.” Um? You’ve done more in 6 months than I can hope for in the next 6 years. We’re all so enriched by your travelogues. Stay well and blessed and best wishes with cooking and German and tending bahhhh!

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