Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | April 26, 2010

Television Rules the Nation

There are many things I miss about home – friends, family, inexpensive everything, an abundance of English speakers, Zipcar – the list is quite long, so I won’t bore you any further. 

One thing we get in abundance here, though, is TV – American style.  Expatico and I are able to watch all our favorite shows and we’ve even discovered some new ones all with the help of the internets and liberal Swiss file-sharing laws. 

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “But Expatica, you live in a country surrounded by the Alps and all the lovely things Europe has to offer.  Why watch TV?”.  The answer, my friends, is simple – it’s like comfort food for me and sometimes a girl just needs the warm, gooey familiarity of  the TV .  I appreciate a good show when I see one and I truly think American TV is in the middle of a golden era.  Why would I miss out on that even though I’m 3,000+ miles away from home?

Now don’t get me wrong….we aren’t exactly spending all of our spare time watching Two and A Half Men, but we are keeping up to date with some favorites such as Lost (seriously – what the hell is going on there?), The Office (on the precipice of jumping the shark, but still enjoyable), and 30 Rock (is it me, or is Liz Lemon becoming some sort of whiney, mid-30s female stereotype).  That, and we’ve recently discovered Modern Family (it’s nice to see Ed O’Neill back in a good role) and Glee (I think the show makes Expatico’s ears bleed, but I’m digging it).

So yes, even though we’re enjoying this amazing experience and making the most of it, sometimes we have to sit back and enjoy something familiar from home….now pass the remote.


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