Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | June 12, 2010

Florence and the Machine

Limited commentary here, but we had the opportunity to go to Firenze and then down to Tuscany.  We met a wonderful couple from Ireland (I’ll call them Mo Chairde) back in September and they graciously invited us to their Tuscan wedding.  I met them one afternoon in the grocery store.  In der Schwiez, you have to pay two francs for cart (you get it back when you’re done).  I had my cart and was about to return it, when I saw this couple looking for change to get one.  Being  nice (and not wanting talk t anyone due to my limited German), I just pushed the cart towards them and put my hands up to say “no need to give me the deposit back” and they said “oh, thanks a million!”.  I said “You speak English!” and immediately started talking to them like some sort of rabbit on speed.  Most normal people might ignore the crazy, fast-talking, lonely American, but they did not.  Expatico and I are fortunate enough to have made some great friends from that one encounter.  See, talking to strangers isn’t all THAT bad :-).

Most of these photos are from Florence, an incredibly city seeping with history and crawling with tourists – mostly American.  One thing I did notice when encountering all these tourists is that Americans really are loud and kinda annoying when they travel in packs.  M’eh, whaddya gonna do?

Piazza San Lorenzo in Firenze

San Marco

At San Marco, we were fortunate enough to talk to the head priest, who was in the church while we were.  He spoke no English, I speak little-to-no Italian but we still managed to find out a fair deal about the church and the art works in it.  There were numerous renaissance paintings gracing the walls from a famous artist.  There was even a mosaic that was donated from St. Peter’s Church in Rome.  If my crappy Italian (and the generous passerby who translated bits for us) are accurate, the mosaic dated back to the 7th century.  The chapel on the side of the church was also built by a famous Belgian artist or architect.

Dunno what this is, but we thought it was cool

View of Firenze from Piazzele Michaelangelo

The Duomo – it’s big – really, really, really big

Expatico and his “iced coffee”, which was basically an iced espresso, not a jug a la Dunkin’ Donuts



  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! I believe Matt has a picture of the locks in his office??

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