Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | July 15, 2010

Back at the Homestead

I’m back Stateside for a month, sans Expatico. It’s weird being home and how quickly one can fall into the familiarity of it all. There are things I appreciate more (both here and in der Schweiz), things I miss, and things that make me realize why I get so annoyed with the US of A. I’ve only been back a little over 72 hours, and already I’m compiling a list of things that fall under each bucket.

For example – I appreciate America’s diversity and the slew of opportunities available at my fingertips.  But I also appreciate Switzerland’s national pride and love of all-things Swiss.  The Swiss will pay 10X as much for something if it’s been made in their country, so even though that limits many things, it also is kinda nice to see.

I miss the kindness of folks in the US and the openness.  I also miss Swiss efficiency.  Not having those little side conversations and distractions does make things move along much quicker.

I am annoyed already, though, with some things.  Take the gawking men who drive by in the a.m. while I”m standing on my friend’s porch having a cup of coffee.  Yes, I have big boobs and I’m wearing a tank top with shorts.  Move along…men in CH don’t seem to do this as much.  Maybe they’re just not as impressed or just could care less?

I’m also annoyed with the T.  Why can’t they be more on time?  And why can’t they just give you a time when the next train is coming?  Every other transit system I’ve ever been on tells you the next train is in XX many minutes.  Why can’t Boston acquire this technology.

Another thing that I realize I’m not a big fan of – air conditioning.  Why is my office 65 degrees, but outside it’s 90 degrees?  This explains why I get sick nearly every August.  A 30 degree temperature fluctuation is likely the culprit.  I miss my office back in CH where I can OPEN  A WINDOW as wide as I want.  If I want to perch myself on the ledge, so be it.  My choice, and my choice alone.

The thing that makes me happiest, though, is to see good friends and family.  I miss everyone terribly.  I’ve been packing my calendar chock-a-block with dinners, drinks, etc.  I just wish Expatico was here with me for the whole trip.  Luckily, he’ll be joining me at a later date so we can share this all together.

Now off to put some drops in my eyes cause the damn AC is drying my peepers out!


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