Posted by: expaticainhelvetica | July 20, 2010

My Coffee to Go

I’ve been consuming too  much Starbuck’s since arriving here Stateside.  Every morning, I get all twittery walking into the ‘Buck’s and ordering a grande, non-fat latte.  The first sip makes my heart happy.  It costs half of what it does in CH, where we only buy one a week, if we’re lucky.  I even get myself a Greek yogurt parfait, and my whole breakfast STILL costs less than a single grande, non-fat latte back yonder.

That being said – fun, green tip!  Save your Starbuck’s sleeves.  I re-use them whenever I go back. They’re pretty durable and have a decent lifespan.  I can usually get a month or so out of them before I get a new one, and this is even during heavy consumption times.  It’s a small little thing you can do to help benefit Momma Earth.




  1. I *love* the ease and abundance of Starbucks when I’m back in the US, too! When I was in Switzerland in 06-07, I had a terrible afternoon in Bern that was rescued by the discovery of a Starbucks. A little slice of home right here in Switzerland. Great post! Definitely made me smile. 🙂

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